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Water and Liquid Heaters


BetaDyne’s Heaters were designed to replace expensive DI Heaters, like Teflon, Quartz and bulky Stainless Designs. With the new Compact Indirect Resistance Element all imparting large powers safely in very small areas is not a problem. All of the units rely on VLWD, Very Low Watt Densities, so impacts on your DI or RO Steams will not be a concern.

Beta Dyne’s clean heaters provide the greatest power and smallest footprint, at half the cost of conventional products. All products are LOW watt density and FULL Stainless Steel construction.

These heaters work in all applications from Food and Industrial to front-end Semi-Conductor and Pharma activities.


Air and Gas Heaters

Nitrogen, Argon, CDA

Can be used for all forms of Non-Critical Nitrogen, CDA, inhert gas heating which do not require polished surface or sanitary construction seen in more engineered BETA-C or BETA-T line heater heaters.

These heaters work in all applications from Food and Industrial to front-end Semi Conductor and Pharma activities.

BETA-S and M heaters hold up to many aggressive environments and can be used as a direct replacement to larger and heavier custom circulation and process heaters, for lower costs.

Model NumberVoltageWattagePhaseA” Dim“B” Dim“C” fnpt“D” DimE1″ Dim“E2” Dim“F” Dim Dwg
BETA-M-2124020824,00032441.253.251.8752.51.25 Download
BETA-M-4824048024,00032441.253.251.8752.51.25 Download
BETA-M-4830048030,00034041.253.251.8752.51.25 Download
BETA-M-4836048036,00034041.253.251.8752.51.25 Download
BETA-M-4848048048,00034041.53.2522.6251.25 Download
BETA-M-4854048054,00034041.53.2522.6251.25 Download
BETA-M-4860048060,000 34041.53.2522.6251.25 Download
BETA-M-481200480120,000340 423.252.251.1251.5Download
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